Patient Screening

Medical staff will review your medical records to qualify you for travel and treatment in the United States. Acceptance will then be made by the medical center and the treatment scheduling process will begin. Based upon your care plan an estimate of cost will be made, payment arrangements will be established, and an admission date will be scheduled.

Medical Plans

You will be scheduled for a visit to your attending physician who will perform an examination and order necessary tests and procedures. Medical staff will confirm your diagnosis and treatment plan. If your diagnosis requires surgery, special testing will be ordered. Medical conditions will also require diagnostic testing and other courses of care.

Concierge Service

You and your family will be guided by a NewLight Concierge familiar with the city, its attractions, cuisine and shopping. Once an admission date is scheduled, our staff will coordinate your travel arrangements and your stay at a Five Star rated hotel. We will be your partner to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Follow Up

The medical team will develop a formal discharge plan while you are in the hospital. After discharge, there will be a period of time determined specifically for each patient before return travel is advised. Follow-up testing and appointments with your attending physician will be scheduled to ensure it is appropriate for you to return home. Discharge instructions for your physician in your home country will be provided to you.

NewLight Global Health provides a customized world class healthcare experience to international patients at the top healthcare centers in the U.S.

About NewLight

Through a network of trusted partners, NewLight provides a personalized experience for international patients in the U.S. Patients are connected with a concierge who is fluent in their language and knowledgeable about our destination cities.

NewLight Global Health is a division of NewLight Healthcare. NewLight Healthcare is a hospital management and professional services company based in Austin, Texas, operating facilities in multiple states.


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